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The WuffitMix Doggy Drive Thru

In August 2017, we proudly announced the opening of (probably!) the worlds first dog food drive thru! Located at WuffitMix HQ in Clitheroe, Lancashire, the doggy drive thru makes it even easier for local customers to call in to collect food, treats and healthcare products for their dog.

Drive thru customers simply drive straight into our customer collection warehouse and use the designated dog food drive thru lane, placing their order and paying at the window whilst the warehouse team load their vehicle. Our extra large warehouse makes collecting both small and large orders especially easy in any sized vehicle.

We also have special offers running each month for our drive thru customers to benefit from. The opening hours for customer collections are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8.30am to 12,30pm.

"As a company, WuffitMix prides itself on being extremely customer focused and we are continuously looking for ways to improve the services we have on offer. The drive thru was opened to help further improve our customers' buying experience and is almost certainly the easiest way to buy dog food in the local area, if not the country!" - says WuffitMix Manager, Hannah Dugdale.

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