Best Dog Food UK

Once you have signed up for a WuffitMix subscription, we will send your order out for delivery the next working day. Subsequent orders will then be tailored to suit you, your dogs and the amount you feed.

Once we have established the ideal time between your first and repeat order, we will then automatically send your following orders to the same time frame.

The Benefits:

  • Sign up for a WuffitMix subscription and save 10% on each order

  • Get a free cup of Lick N Mix with your first order

  • Get unique promo codes for subscriber customers with special offers & discounts

  • Get a free gift with your fourth order

  • Hassle free home delivery

  • Delivery tailored to suit you & your dogs

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can add, delete or amend the products within your order at any time

  • Subscriptions can be cancelled or paused at any time

  • You can alter your delivery dates at any time

  • Unique promo codes are valid for your use only

To sign up, simply email or call 01200 420222 for further information.