Oster Bathing Brush 

The best way to give your pet a deep, massaging clean every time. With an innovative easy dispense button and massaging rubber bristles, bathtime will become a pleasure. Just pour in your favourite shampoo, close the cap and give your pet a light wash or a deep scrub.


Oster Combo Brush 

This two-sided brush lets you detangle your pet's fur and add shine at the same time. Acting as two tools in one, the brush will remove dead hair and improve the coat's appearance and sheen so you can give them a lovely coat in half the time.


Oster Flexible Slicker Brush 

Contours to your pet's body, removing heavy matting and unruly tangles from fur.


Oster Grooming Shears 

Premium professional quality shears with gently rounded tips for safety when grooming. The ergonomic shape ensures that the scissors are pleasant to hold and easy to handle.


Oster Plastic Pin Brush 

Helps preserve your pet's coat for longer with day to day brushing. Designed to gently untangle slightly matted coats. It perfectly prepares the fur for removal of any remaining dead coat with a slicker brush.


Oster Slicker Brush 

Remove your pet's dead shedding coat with this brush. Each brush is designed to prevent matting and improves air circulation to the skin. By spreading oil through from root to tip, you can enjoy a shinier coat. Available in Medium or Large. 


Oster Premium Bristle Brush

The ultimate tool for shifting a loose shedding coat and stray dander, this is favourite with short and long haired pet owners everywhere. Great for styling, finish and shine, you can keep your pet's coat in fabulous condition every day with a few simple strokes.


Oster Premium Nail Trimmer

This superior nail trimmer is packed with features to make it easy and quick to take care of your pet's nails. Complete with safety guard to prevent over-trimming, and an ergonomic, soft-grip rubber handle, the trimmer gives loads of control for a safe, precise, stress-free cut thanks to its carefully designed, highly visible blade shape. Recommended use of 1-2 times per month depending on breed.

Oster Pet Grooming Range