About Hydrating Detangling Spray

  • Helps undo matts & tangles
  • Vegan
  • Tested by humans NOT on animals
  • Made with Lake District Water
  • Adds shine & lustre
  • Wheat proteins to smooth hair
  • Protects against daily stress


For a silky smooth tangle free coat! Spray on and leave-in to condition, nourish, moisturise and repair, for a naturally glossy coat. Bugalugs hydrating detangling spray is PH Balanced. It detangles stubborn knots, leaving the fur silky and smooth. The vegan formula is suitable for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks.


More About Bugalugs

Bugalugs dog shampoo is made by Lakeland Costmetics, an ethical manufacturer whose products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with international regulations. They are cruelty free and 100% vegan. None of the products manufactured by Lakeland Cosmetics are tested on animals.

Bugalugs Hydrating Detangling Spray

  • 200ml