Animology dog shampoos are trusted by pet owners, vets, groomers and championship show dog owners in more than 50 countries around the world.


Every Animology dog shampoo is made in the UK and has a mild yet deep cleaning action that removes dirt and odour without stripping the coat of its essential oils. Our ‘easy rinse’ technology keeps washing time to a minimum, while the built in conditioners and Pro-Vitamin B5 help improve the health, strength and condition of the coat. Quite simply Animology dog shampoos leave dogs looking, smelling and feeling wonderful.


Flea & Tick

A dog shampoo that helps wash all evidence of fleas and ticks away and also helps to soothe and calm any irritation and bites left behind. Flea and Tick dog shampoo, enriched with tea tree and neem oil, helps to wash out fleas and ticks from your dogs coat and soothes irritated bitten skin.



Fox Poo

Animology Fox Poo dog shampoo is the best product for removing fox poo from your dog’s coat. If you have a ‘roller’ then you’ll know exactly why we put a lot of time and research into creating a dog shampoo which not only gets rid of all trace of the physical evidence of Fox Poo but also the smell which has a habit of lingering. It doesn’t just remove fox poo though. This award winning formulation will also remove all traces of any other foul smelling dirt.



Derma Dog

Sensitive skin can be a huge problem for several breeds and individual dogs, that’s why we launched a specific sensitive skin dog shampoo called Derma Dog. The fragrance free, mild product has been formulated to reduce the risk of irritation while the added vitamins and conditioners will leave the coat clean, soft and healthy.



Perfect Puppy

Perfect Puppy shampoo is a mild puppy shampoo suitable for all breeds.

Ideal for cleaning, deodorising and conditioning, Perfect Puppy helps to keep your dog’s coat fresh and conditioned.

It can be used on all coat types, and is suitable for all dogs from 6 weeks old.

Perfect Puppy is part of the Animology Essentials budget friendly range. Use alongside Perfect Puppy spritz to achieve a fresher smelling coat.



O.A.D. Old Age Dog

Created specifically for dogs in their advanced years, our O.A.D shampoo is a unique formulation enriched with oatmeal, chamomile and argan oil.

With added vitamins and conditioners, the shampoo helps to add shine whilst nourishing, deodorising and soothing your dog’s skin and coat.

The shampoo is 100% vegan, easy to rinse out and contains no sulphates, parabens or silicones.


Animology Dog Shampoo

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