Made with one continuous piece of webbed nylon, our collars are free from fraying, meaning no messy, loose ends which can lead to irritation and scratching.


The inside of the collar is lined with soft neoprene for extra comfort which is non-porous, and therefore won’t absorb water or any other liquids, reducing the occurrence of odour that many other collars develop.


The fastening, which is made from black stainless steel and double coated to reduce wear and tear, is both strong and durable.

Animology Collar

  • To help you choose the right size for your dog, please use the guide below. Once the collar is on your dog, we recommend ensuring you can fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar to ensure a comfortable fit.

    • Small Collar fits a 10-14 inch neck
    • Medium Collar fits a 14-18 inch neck
    • Large Collar fits a 18-22 inch neck
    • Extra large Collar fits a 22-26 inch neck

    Please remember to check your dog’s lead, collar and/or harness regularly for wear and tear.

  • Made from easy-clean, quick drying material, and no-rust stainless steel, the collar may be hand washed.