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WuffitMix Brand Ambassador Retriever Field Trial Success...

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

On the 18th September, Northumberland and Durham L.R.C returned to the Emblehope and Burngrange Estate , to hold their 14 dog Novice A.V. Retriever Field Trial. Two of our very own brand ambassadors; Mark Demaine & Declan Boyle took part in this competition with their Labrador Retrievers, fed on WuffitMix.

Congratulations to Mark, who achieved 1st place, best handler and guns choice, with his Labrador Retriever Dog; Breckmarsh Ethan of Caytonfell 'Quinn' & Declan, who achieved 2nd place with his Labrador Retriever Dog; Jake of Blackburn 'Wilson'.

On behalf of WuffitMix - well done! We look forward to following more of your success over the next couple of months!

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