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Working Wednesday Breed Focus: The Teckel

Today, we are looking at the Teckel, a dog which most people will have never heard of, however it is more popular than you think! A Teckel is another name for a Wire-haired Dachshund... an extremely versatile working dog but also a brilliant family pet dog too! They also are known as Badger dogs as the word "Dachshund" literally translates to badger dog, Dachs = Badger, Hund = Dog.

Teckel History

Their exact origin is unknown, however it is thought that the very early roots of Dachshunds go back to ancient Egypt where there is engravings in the wall that feature short-legged hunting dogs. The Wire-haired Dachshund was the last type to be developed and it was mostly in Germany where these dogs came from. In the early 18th Century, Teckels were specifically bred to hunt badgers above and below ground as well as tracking scent to look for game. They are thought to have originated as a cross between a small French Pointer and a Pinscher, also with Basset Hounds in their breeding, which is why they have such outstanding tracking skills. Teckels are predominantly a mix between hounds and terriers.

Teckel Fun Facts:

  • Although they are only small, they need up to an hours exercise per day

  • They come in 3 different sizes, Standard, Miniature and Kaninchen (which is German for 'rabbit')

  • The UK Kennel Club currently recognises 24 colours of the breed, some of which include Brindle, Wild Boar, Dapple and Red

  • In the UK, a 'Teckel' is only a Wire-haired Dachshund but in Germany the word Teckel is used for all Dachshunds.

  • They have traditionally been viewed as a symbol of Germany.

Teckel puppy in a game bag

Working Teckels

The Teckel makes a very reliable stalking dog as they have an incredible nose on them and can track up to 40 hour-old blood scents. However, Teckels aren't only used in stalking, they are helpful and work well while beating, rough shooting, dogging-in birds, as a peg dog, and also for ratting. They are said to be "a hunting powerhouse in a pint-sized package".

Bernd Kugow of Waldmeister Dachshunds says that they seem to have a much higher adrenaline level than other dogs as they have "unbelievable stamina & the tank never seems to run dry."

Teckel owners like to use their dog as a spaniel as on a shoot day, they will cover just as much ground as a spaniel does, however they feel that these dogs can be more reliable. This is because a Teckel is slower than a spaniel so can take its time to find and flush the 'right birds.' Also if a spaniel runs in on the day, it could ruin a few drives as they are so fast and hunting driven, but if a Teckel was to run in it could be quickly caught up with. Their long flappy protect their eyes and stop anything getting into them and their wiry coat keeps them warm and protected from harsh weather.

Retrieving a docken dummy from water

“Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.” - Queen Victoria

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