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Working Test Success for Brand Ambassadors, Andrew & Tony...

Working Test season is now well underway and we are delighted to report on the two latest WuffitMix fed WT award winners, Seamus and Maisy, along with their handlers Andrew Latham and Tony O'Hare!

Andrew Latham took 4th place with Aneeterbeg Seamus (Seamus) at the East Midland Gundog Club Mock Field Trial for AV Retrievers held on Saturday 23rd March. The judges were Tim Brain, Linda Partridge, Dawn Scott and Tish Ford. Chief Steward - Jim Tillson.

Full Results were as follows: 1st Steve Richardson FTCH Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock 2nd Steve Newitt FTCH Olivestone Tutti Fruity 3rd Lesley Compton Catcombe Cygnet 4th Andy Latham Aneeterbeg Seamus

COM Giovanni Iacono Harpersbrook Harris of Serrara Mike Fleming Lavanthill Lucy Sandra Braithwaite Braitoft Esthwaite Lisa Coates Tildaross Bergamot of Osiacastle

Gun's Choice Steve Richardson FTCH Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock

Also held on Saturday 23rd March was The Labrador Club of Scotland's Open Working Test at Gascoigne Farm, Broughton near Biggar, by kind permission of Mr Peter Gascoigne. We are delighted to report that Tony O'Hare took 3rd place with FTCH Tyrrellison Star Dreamer (Maisy).

Judges were Alan Meldrum, Kevin Haynes, George Buchan and David Forgie.

Full Results were as follows:

First: Whiterigg Kilda handled by Charles Court Second: Bearnard Bowdyn handled by Drew Allan Third: Tyrrellison Star Dreamer handled by Tony O'Hare Fourth: Jocksburn Jock handled by Tom Forgie COM: Polmaise Chunta handled by Drew Allan

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