Winners of The International Competition at The Game Fair...

We are absolutely delighted to report that the Irish Gundog Team, who we proudly sponsor alongside Balnecroft Country, have WON the International Competition at The 2022 Game Fair.

The 2022 Game Fair Irish Gundog Team

The Game Fair was held between Friday 29th and Sunday 31st August at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, with the International Competition running on Saturday and Sunday.

The 2022 Irish Gundog Team for this event comprised of team captain and WuffitMix brand ambassador, Declan Boyle, along with a Retriever Team; Andrew Rooney, John Dawson, Kieron Coey and brand ambassador, Tony O'Hare. The Spaniel team consisted of Ian Rowan, Ieva Grigaite, Raymond Wilson (with 2 dogs due to a last minute injury) and Trevis Crothers.

The Irish Team were the overall winning team and the top retriever team. It has been 5 years since Ireland were last awarded this trophy, and to win 'top retriever team' for the second consecutive year after 37 years is incredible. The results are testament to the standard of dogs and the selection process.

Three out of the top five retrievers were members of the Irish Gundog Team; John Dawson and his dog 'Balleyvalley Riley' scored 98/100 was awarded joint top dog (alongside Steve Richardson from the England team), Declan Boyle scored 96 with FTCH Jake of Blackburn and Tony O'Hare achieved 91 with OFTW Burrendale Rambler. Superb results for these handlers and their dogs.

We would like to congratulate the team (and their dogs!) on their win, the hard work and dedication they give to their sport is inspiring.

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