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Why Is My Dog Eating Grass? ๐ŸŒพ

Many dog owners often worry their dog is eating grass to make themselves sick or if they are lacking in nutrients, particularly in the summer. However, studies have shown none of these beliefs can be proven. The most possible reason that your dog eating grass is simply because it tastes nice to them!

Dogs are what we call 'opportunistic scavengers', so they like to eat whatever they can find! Grass isn't something to worry about them eating unless it becomes an excessive habit. Although, you should consider checking it has not been sprayed with pesticides that may cause harm, also check our dog has had correct treatment to prevent lungworm - which is passed on by slugs and snails. They may also be eating grass because they are bored and need enrichment indoors and outdoors such as food puzzles, training or jogging.

Why Does Eating Grass Make My Dog Vomit?

As your dog eats grass it tickles their throat and stomach lining, causing the dog to be sick.

Why Does My Puppy Love Eating Grass?

Puppies find the environment very interesting and tall wriggly strands of sweet smelling green grass is appealing to them. Like babies, puppies explore the world using their mouth and will pick up anything and everything they can get their paws on. To distract them, try replacing whatever is in their mouth with their favourite toy to play with in the garden.

You should seek veterinary advice if you are concerned about your dog's grass-eating habits and if:

  • They will eat grass but no food

  • They eat grass and seem unwell

  • It becomes excessive

  • They repeatedly eat grass and are sick.

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