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What makes the WuffitMix Active Plus range so special?

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

At WuffitMix we are passionate about the importance of proper nutrition for working dogs. Not only does a high quality diet ensure your dog is performing to the best of its ability, it provides them with the essential nutrients required for good health and to remain in peak physical fitness.

As with humans, dogs require a proper balance of nutrients and a certain combination of protein, simple carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals – along with water – each day in order to function normally. A balanced diet is critically important to your dog’s cell maintenance, growth and overall health.

Best Dog Food UK

We believe the WuffitMix Active Plus range is the ideal feeding solution for working and sporting dogs. Not only is the main ingredient in each recipe a high quality source of animal protein, Active Plus recipes are all wheat gluten or grain free and therefore ideally suited to dogs with allergies or sensitivities. Each diet has been specially formulated for optimum performance in your working dogs whilst avoiding the likelihood of an allergic reaction*.

Dry Dog Food
Active Plus Game is grain free, contains 26% game and retails at £29.99 for 15kg VAT Free

What goes into Active Plus recipes?

The main ingredient in all Active Plus recipes is a high quality protein source and your dog will never consume cereal grains as it's main energy source. Not only does this provide optimum taste for your dogs, the digestibility of our diets helps your dog to produce less waste and smaller, firm stools.

There are numerous working dog foods on the market and as you can see from the table above, there are several which have a similar Metabolisable Energy, Crude Protein and Crude Oils and Fats level as the WuffitMix Active Plus range; however, it is important to take a look at the main ingredients and main carbohydrate sources in these feeds. The majority use maize or rice as the main ingredient and only the Active Plus range utilizes a fibrous vegetable as the main carbohydrate source.

Ingredients in WuffitMix Dry Dog Food
A range of ingredients found in the WuffitMix Active Plus Range

In many other brands, the main energy source comes from complex carbohydrates, which as we mentioned earlier, are extremely hard for the dog to break down. Proteins in the diet are primarily used for muscle support and repair, before being used as an energy source and the benefit of high quality protein sources such as meat and fish (rather than cereals), cause no stress on a dogs liver or kidneys and they produce far less waste.

Does your dog need a gluten free or grain free diet?

Unlike humans, dogs don’t suffer from true coeliac disease (with the possible exception of Red Setters), however gluten can be a problematic ingredient for many dogs. Problems like gastro-intestinal upsets, similar to that seen in humans, as well as itchy skin and ear infections can occur.

Labrador Scratching
Dry, itchy skin, sores and excessive scratching can be a sign of gluten intolerance

For working dogs that truly do have allergies or intolerance to wheat gluten and grains, a wheat gluten or grain free diet such as WuffitMix Active Plus would be an appropriate choice. The following are symptoms that would be expected in dogs that have food allergies (or other types of allergies):

  • Itchiness

  • Excessive Hair Loss

  • Bald Patches

  • Inflamed Skin

  • Sore and Scabs

  • “Hot Spots”

  • Diarrhea

  • Dry Itchy Skin

If your dog experiences any of the symptoms above, we would recommend seeking veterinary treatment as soon as possible to rule out any other complaints or illnesses.

Current products in the WuffitMix Active Plus range include grain free Active Plus Game and wheat gluten free Active Plus Salmon. We are currently busy formulating the next diet in the range, Active Plus Puppy and will be introducing this in Summer 2018.

Dry Dog Food
Active Plus Puppy will be launching soon

*The most common allergens are believed to be ingredients such as wheat, wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, pork, eggs and soya.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or by calling us at WuffitMix HQ on 01200 420222.

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