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UGBA Retriever Test, Bagots Park...

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Sunday 27th June saw the first UGBA working retriever test of the year, at Bagots Park, Staffordshire, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs David Dale, and under the watchful eye of their new head keeper, Mr Samual Sayce. WuffitMix proudly co-sponsored the event alongside our good friends; Sporting Saint, Acme Whistles and BASC.

Novice was held in the morning and the Open in the afternoon. Four tests were completed in both. Judges and competitors both saying they had been well thought out. The water test did have some dogs thinking as a distraction was thrown into the water before they retrieved the thrown dummy.

The Judges for both the Novice and the Open were Dave Brown A5537, Tim Brain A3226, Neil Dutton NP and Gary Rogers NP. We would like to thank them for their time to judge all day and their constructive comments to the competitors.

Results are as follows:

NOVICE (pictured below) 1st - Jane Fairclough with Beaconbanks Oak at Jobeshill

2nd - Henry Carney with Twicebrewed Willow of Datteln

3rd - Kevin Turner with Trodden Mills in Cahoots

COM Charlotte Brailsford with Casheath Wild Blackberry

COM Anthony N Apelton with Applebriar Wyre

OPEN (pictured below)

1st - Steve Le Voi with Maderablanca Amerillo

2nd - Anthony N Apelton with Applebriar Storm

3rd - Susan Corden with Higgscroft Corylus Avelana

On behalf of WuffitMix we would like to congratulate all competitors and prize winners. We look forward to sponsoring further UGBA events.

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