UGBA Open Cocker Trial, Cubley Estate...

Monday 29th November saw WuffitMix proudly sponsor United Gundog Breeders Association's open Cocker 16 Dog Stake, Cubley Estate, Ashbourne. The hosts were Mr D Legh, the owner of the estate and Mr Shane Wood, the Gamekeeper. Judges for the day were Mr Geoff Devine Jones and Mr Barry Faley. Guns for the day who were all excellent shots were David Ross, his father Ian Ross, Chris Cadman and Graham Burton.

'The ground was covered with snow and with the leaf now gone the wood also covered, providing excellent cover for the birds, which there were plenty of. 1st competitor in and within 20 yards, bang and retrieve, and this is how it continued throughout the trial. I would like to say thank you to our sponsors Wuffitmix, Holly in attendance, Sporting Saint, ACME whistles, and BASC. So generous with their gifts.

Also thank you to my merry band of helpers. Jane, Julia, Heather, Garry, David and extra help with Holly and Mr Gainey. Also a big thank you to Kim Jones for her excellent and yummy food, which was much appreciated after a freezing day.'

Award Winners & Judges

The results were as follows:

1st & Keeper's Choice - Howesyke Regal of Moonreed - Trisha Healey

2nd - Jacqui Lamora Carsoncroft - Mark Ball

3rd & Gun's Choice - Lowallin Lorcan - Tom Phillips

4th - Cwmceiliog Skid of Monagea - John Sexton

COM - Baildonmoor Betti - Paul Deal

COM - Murrayeden Muse - MJ Deacon

1st Place presented by Mr D Legh

We would like to take this moment to congratulate all competitors and all in the awards, and look forward to sponsoring upcoming UGBA events.

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