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UGBA Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial, Cubley Estate...

Monday 1st November 2021 saw United Gundog Breeders Association run their first spaniel trial of the season which WuffitMix proudly sponsored alongside Sporting Saint, BASC & ACME. Novice 16 dog cocker stake at Cubley Estate. Hosted by Shane Wood and Mr David Legh. The judges for the day were Geoff Devine-Jones and Kevin Richardson. Guns were David and Ian Ross, Graham Burton and Chris Cadman.

Guns & Keeper

'We started with no rain but soon became wet and blustery but this didn't deter hardened spaniel folks. The cover in the wood was typical beating cover with plenty of birds. The guns shot well with nearly everybody having fushes and retrieves on both sides. I think the judges had their work cut out as the standard was good. But they came to a final decision with those famous two words "trial over"'

The results were as follows:

1st - Paul Seaman & Heathcroft Charles at Pixiefen

2nd - Mark Phelan & Danerw Dipper

3rd - Eli May Ball & Gagglebrook Blue Lagoon of Carsoncroft

4th & Keepers Choice - Dave Jennings & Mallowdale Yapper


Mark Hastelow & Balderlowe Gunner

Terry Carrick & Gwynedd of the Glade at Bullbrond

Guns Choice - John Robertson & Wolferton Ashton

Award Winners & Judges

'Just would like to thank every that has took part and it was a pleasure to meet new and old faces. Thank you to our sponsors Wuffitmix, Sporting Saint, BASC and ACME Whistles. We had the pleasure of Holly from Wuffitmix with us. Thank you to Shane and Mr Legh for excellent ground and the lovely Kim for a fabulous spread of food for after.

A real pleasurable day.'

We would like to take this moment to congratulate all competitors and all in the awards, and look forward to sponsoring upcoming UGBA events.

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