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Three WuffitMix Brand Ambassadors are competing in the 2019 IGL Retriever Championship...

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

We are absolutely thrilled that this year, three of our brand ambassadors - Andrew Latham, Declan Boyle and Mark Demaine - will be competing in the prestigious 2019 IGL Retriever Championship.  

This years championship begins on Monday 25th November and is being held over three days at the Glenalmond Estate, Perthshire by kind permission of Astrup Fearnley AS. The following judges have agreed to officiate at this year's Championship: Keith Bedford, Lynn Mitchell, Damien Newman & Phil Parkins.

The host estate has issued the following statement:

"Glenalmond.  A sporting estate since 1529.  An estate renowned for quality mixed game shooting along the north bank of the River Almond.  The estate offers rural Perthshire at its very best. We are delighted to host the IGL Retriever Championship 2019.  Along the fringes of our grouse moor, around our lochs, young plantations, game crops and bracken banks, our aim is to provide plenty of game and challenging retrieves. Glenalmond Estate wishes every competitor and dog the very best of luck."  

As the 2019 championship will soon commence and many field sport and gundog enthusiasts will be avidly following the events over the three days, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for our followers to get to know the qualified handlers that WuffitMix very proudly sponsor.


Andrew with OFTW Aneeterbeg Seamus

Andrew Latham hails from Cheshire and is a Kennel Club 'B Panel' Field Trial Judge for Retrievers. He has qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship an incredible 14 times with 5 dogs. In the 2014 championship Andrew came 4th place and in the 2015 championship he came 2nd place, both times with FTCH Rimrock Hurricane (Bruce).

Andrew, tell us your fondest memory from an IGL Retriever Championship...

My fondest memory would be picking a partridge at the Queensberry Estate, Thornhill in 2015 with FTCH Rimrock Hurricane (Bruce). It was a very long retrieve, down a valley and up the far side, over a fence and out of sight.

Can you tell us a bit more about the dog you have qualified this year?

Yes of course. The dog I have qualified with this year is OFTW Aneeterbeg Seamus, bred by Tadhg Kelly. He is a three year old dog. Seamus and I qualified by winning the USK Valley Working Gundog Club Open Stake.

What do you enjoy most about competing?

The thing I enjoy most about running dogs is the competition. It is a great feeling to compete your dog against others and you can't beat the buzz of being in line.


Declan with Int FTCH Miller McDuff

Declan Boyle is originally from Newry, Ireland but has more recently made the move to Fife in Scotland. He is a Kennel Club 'B Panel' Field Trial Judge for Retrievers. This it the 4th time Declan has qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship (2015 Buccleuch, 2016 Ampton, 2018 Packington and 2019 Glenalmond) with the same dog, Int. FTCH Miller McDuff (Paddy).

Although Declan and Paddy have never placed in the awards at the championship, they have made it through to the 2nd day twice which is an achievement in itself.

Declan, what is your fondest memory of the IGL Retriever Championship?

That would be a standing on the hills of Buccleuch in 2015 thinking "how did I make it here?"

Tell us a bit about the dog you’re competing Declan...

He is FTCH & IRISH FTCH Miller Mcduff (Paddy). He is 6 1/2 year old dog. Paddy has been an exceptional dog for me, both at field trials and working tests.

Paddy won the Irish Retriever championship in 2017 and was 2nd the year before (He has qualified 6 consecutive years). He has been top dog at the CLA Game Fair and Chatsworth International Team Event. Also he has been part of the winning Irish team for both of these events.

He has won 6 x 2 day opens along with around 15 one days (UK/IKC) and numerous placings.

What do you look forward to most about competing?

Hoping that all the training pays off on the day and luck is on my side.


Mark Demaine of Caytonfell Gundogs lives close to WuffitMix HQ in Clayton le Moors, Lancashire and is a Kennel Club 'A Panel' Field Trial Judge for Retrievers. This is the 6th time he has qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship. FTCH Burrendale Fergie is the 3rd dog Mark has qualified for this prestigious event.

Mark, have you ever been in the awards at the IGL Retriever Championship?

Yes, I was placed 3rd in the 2017 IGL Retriever Championship which was held at Hi Fly with FTCH Leacaz Ricky of Caytonfell (Riley).

What is your best memory from any of the championships you have competed in?

My best memory of the championship was day 2 at Cawdor Estate in Scotland 2011, walking the side of a hill in heather, white grass and bracken. The retrieves were awesome.

Tell us a bit about the dog you have qualified this year Mark...

The dog I qualified this year won two 2 day stakes which makes him FTCH. Three year old Burrendale Fergie of Caytonfell, or Fergie as we call him, was bred by Tony O’Hare. The sire (father) of Fergie is my own dog, FTCH Leacaz Ricky of Caytonfell, who I was placed 3rd with in 2017.

What do you look forward to most about competing?

I look forward to the competition very much as I really love competing my dog against others. It’s very addictive, handler verses handler and the nerves do play a part. We really do have to stay focused and try to control the nerves.

May we take this opportunity to wish all three handlers the very best of luck over the three days. Qualifying for this event is an achievement in itself and we are very much looking forward to following your progress at this years championship. Keep picking!

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