The Glorious 12th is here...

Many people will be wondering, just what is the glorious 12th? Here we explain why the 12th August is a significant day in the calendar of those with an interest in countryside pursuits.

What is The Glorious 12th?

Throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Glorious 12th marks the beginning of the shooting season; starting with Red Grouse, a tradition which dates back to the mid-19th century.

Whether you're a gamekeeper, who has worked tirelessly maintaining the moors over the past year; a gundog handler who has spent long hours training your beating or picking up companions; or a keen shot, ready to fill the air with the sound of gunfire; this day is sure to represent an important point in your year.

For those with a keen interest in the sport, there is nothing more thrilling than following the historic traditions; the crisp early mornings, wearing your tweeds, watching your dogs working in the field and doing what they were bred for. All of this comes with an immense sense of pride and nostalgia.

Grouse; The Facts

  • Did you know that as well as being free range, the protein content of roast grouse is twice that of chicken and it also has much less fat.

  • Grouse nest in and eat heather; they can work their way through 50g of heather each day!

  • Flying low at up to 70mph, grouse can change direction at a seconds notice.

  • The Red Grouse is a native bird, found nowhere else in the world.

  • Grouse are wild birds and unlike other game birds such as Pheasant and Partridge, they are born and reared out in the wild.

How long does the shooting season last?

The shooting season runs from 12th August to 1st February. However there is a specific set of rules regarding what game birds can be shot within that time frame.

Grouse - 12th August to 10th December in Great Britain

Grouse - 12th August to 30th November in Northern Ireland

Partridge - 1st September to 1st February in Great Britain

Partridge - 1st September to 31st January in Northern Ireland

Duck - 1st September to 31st January (inland)

Duck - 1st September to 20th February (below the high-water mark)

Pheasant - 1st October to 1st February in Great Britain

Pheasant - 1st October to 31st January in Northern Ireland

Woodcock - 1st October to 31st January

What should I feed my gundog?

For decades, gamekeepers and gundog owners have relied on WuffitMix to keep their dogs in peak physical fitness throughout the shooting season. We have a wide range of diets suitable for working dogs, depending on their age and energy requirement.

Our most popular diet for working and sporting dogs is Active Plus Salmon, a wheat gluten free recipe containing high levels of Salmon. This hypoallergenic diet is suitable for adult working dogs with allergies or sensitivities to wheat, gluten or grain.

This WuffitMix Active Plus Range of natural and nourishing dog food, has been specially formulated for optimum performance in your working dogs whilst avoiding the likelihood of an allergic reaction. The most common allergens are believed to be ingredients such as wheat, wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, pork, eggs and soya.

Other products from our working dog range include:

  • Active Plus Puppy

  • Active Plus Game

  • Active Worker with Chicken & Rice

  • Energy24

  • Farm Dog

  • Kennel Dog

Gundog Training Equipment

WuffitMix are proud to offer a range of gundog training equipment and clothing from leading suppliers. Items can be purchased online and in-store. If you need any advice on training equipment, please do not hesitate to give Holly a call on 01200 420222 and she will be happy to help.

Healthcare Supplies

Keeping your gundog in top condition throughout the season is paramount and we are proud to offer wide range of healthcare supplies and supplements which you can add onto your feed order. Visit the Healthcare & Grooming section of the website to find out more.

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