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Special Open Working Test at Chatsworth Country Fair

Day 1 - Chatsworth Country Fair Special Open Gundog Working Test for any variety retriever.

Judges - Mick Newsam and Andrew Slingsby.

Chief Steward - Michael O' Hanlon.

Gundog organiser - Philip Smithies.

24 dogs competed over a challenging undulating course of cut rides and 4 foot high bracken and a strong flowing river. The day was dry with strong winds which rapidly changed direction making it difficult for comptitors to get their dogs on the right side of the wind.

The format was a 4 dog walk up with each dog having 2 marked retrieves in front and a blind behind over a sheep fence.

Points were gained by good marking and keeping the dog in an area.

At lunch there was a cut, those competitors who scored more than 50 competed in the afternoon.

The afternoon session comprised 2 retrieves. One a blind across the river. This was made more challenging as the blind was in one of ten piles of brashings. The other retrieve was a mark behind the line.

The blind across the river proved the undoing of many dogs. Those that had clear scores were given more retrieves until the judges closed their books.

1st - Ken Littlemore - Labdom Scoter of Middlebrook.

2nd - Vicky Stanley - Minstead Maigret

3rd - Steve Newitt - Olivestone Tutti Fruity

4th - Claire Carvis - Tarnedge Jaina

COM - Phillipa Williams - Castlemans Soul Mate

Prize winners were presented with bags of dog food generously presented by the competition sponsors Wuffitmix.

Congratulations to all in the awards.

We now look forward to Day 2 and the start of the Inter Club Team Test. 13 teams comprising 3 handlers competing over 2 days. This will be a good competition. Get there for a 9:30am start.

Good luck to all competitors.

Many thanks to the sponsors Wuffitmix.

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