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Scottish FTA AV Retriever All Aged Stake at Teasses Estate, Fife.

SCOTTISH FIELD TRIALS ASSOCIATION AV Retriever All Aged Stake held at Teasses Estate, Ceres, Fife

WuffitMix proudly sponsor the Scottish FTA Retriever trials and their All Aged Stake was held on Monday November 12th. Thank you to the club secretary, Anne Heading, for this wonderful report:

The ground at Teasses is, to say the least, challenging; mostly rushes, thick and high in parts with a plentiful supply of snipe, pheasants and duck. It is undoubtedly an advantage to have a good marking dog. We had an excellent team of Guns who didn't allow much to escape but there were a few runners that fully tested the dogs. Indeed the winning dog concluded the trial with a retrieve on a running pheasant that landed in rough cover about thirty yards in front of the line, ran forward through a fence, across a road, through a second fence and was eventually picked about forty yards up another field. It was not an easy trial and those who survived to the end certainly earned their awards.

Many many thanks to our Host, Sir Fraser Morrison; to Kenny Horne, the Head Keeper who runs the day so calmly and efficiently and always with great good humour, and to all his staff and helpers - bag carriers, picker up, flag carrier. A big thank you also to the team of seven Guns who did such a super job. And let us not forget our judges, Mike Rolland, Gary Wood, David Lisett and Tom Forgie who so kindly gave up their time. We are also most grateful to BASC and WUFFITMIX for their generous sponsorship.

Finally, warmest thanks to all the competitors who support our trials which we hope you enjoy.


FIRST: Charles Court's Lab WHITERIGG KILDA This is the third time this bitch has won this trial. She was also Guns' Choice.



Congratulations everyone - all so well deserved.

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