Scottish Field Trial Association Retriever Trial, Emblehope...

On Friday 8th & Saturday 9th October, The Scottish Field Trial Association held it's 100th Qualifying Stake at Emblehope. The judges over the two days were Paula Cullis, Joe Maclure, Alan Rees & Steve Cullis. A strong final 4 in the last round, including brand ambassador Tony O'Hare, finished with 7 retrieves. WuffitMix proudly sponsored the event alongside BASC. The results were as follows:

1st & Best Marker - Avonstream Aixinha - Greig Patterson

2nd & Guns Choice - Burrendale Rambler - Tony O'Hare

3rd - Drakeshead Casey - Simon Capstick

4th - Westerkames Rigline of Brogdenview - Kirsty Cousins

'Thanks to Raymond and Anne Holt for being fabulous hosts and working their socks off to make sure we had the right amount of game at the right time. Thanks also to the guns for hitting the mark. And a special thanks to Anne Heading and Gaynor Gent for all their hard work, team work, and laughs.'

We would like to take this moment to congratulate Tony O'Hare and Burrendale Rambler for their success and we look forward to following future success over the next few months! Also, we look forward to sponsoring further Scottish Field Trial Association Trials, with the next being on Tuesday 2nd November...

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