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Scottish Field Trial Association All Aged Stake, Teasses Estate...

The Scottish Field Trial Association held their All Aged Stake on Tuesday 2nd November which WuffitMix proudly sponsored alongside BASC. The stake was held at Teasses Estate, Fife - ground which is very testing for both dogs and their handlers. The judges for the day were Janice Cunningham, Les Mclean, Sean Nicholson and Fraser Forbes.

"The ground at this venue is very testing for the dogs and the handlers. Known as The Moss, it is a large area of quite boggy ground mainly covered with thick rushes which makes it difficult for the handlers to see their dogs, and particularly difficult for the dogs to locate the fairly significant number of snipe that were shot! I think it is a great relief for the handlers when we move to the duck pond where the quarry is somewhat larger! Unfortunately, quite a few dogs fell victim to the difficult conditions early on. However, as we drew towards the later stages, seven dogs had survived but a running hen pheasant claimed four more dogs who couldn't find it and, sadly, were eye-wiped by the judges. Then there were three, two of which fell by the wayside leaving only one dog that had performed well and was awarded first place."

The winner was George Buchan with his Labrador Retriever Dog 'Fendawood Pioneer of Springfell'

We would like to take this moment to congratulate all competitors, the award winner and look forward to sponsoring further Scottish Field Trials Association events.

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