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Results from the PTA Working Tests...

We proudly sponsored the Pennine Training Area working tests, held yesterday at Eagland Hill, Pilling Lancashire. Please find the results below.

Puppy Under 12 Months

1. Kayteridge Dreams - Mick Kay

2. Jaycote Game Brooke - Scott Marland

3. Cockerbank Jet Star - Brenda Lawson

Puppy Over 12 Months

1. Garagill Littlescot Able - Stuart Woodcock

2. Ringbarn Fairmont of Jaycote - Lisa Marson

3. Tideflow Willow - Steve Townsend

Novice Dog/Novice Handler

1. Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere (FCR) - Charlotte Smith

2. Castlerock Return to Sender at Skybrook (FCR) - Anne Haley

3. Greenbriar Polka - Paula Mayo


1. Ruby Wishes - Steve Townsend

2. Thornyoaks Tanzanite - Gary Collier

3. Glenfia Amber - Darren Hope


1. Brocklebank Delight - Jill Cummings

2. Hawksgarth Maddison - Gary Collier

3. Calonbride Diplomat - Mark Palmer

4. Jaycote Firefly at Turtonmoor - Adrian Blackledge

Many thanks to judges Gary Lakey, Mike Nelson, Peter Thompson and Victoria Waterfield, Landowners Mike & Val Pilling and all helpers.

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