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Introducing the new DELUXE puppy bundle...

  • 12kg Headstart Puppy

  • Puppy Specific Lick N Mix Treats

  • 250ml Animology Puppy Love Shampoo

  • A medium Animology Crash Pad

Make sure your new puppy settles in perfectly with the DELUXE WuffitMix Puppy bundle. This superb puppy package contains 12kg of wheat gluten free "Headstart Puppy" food and a cup of puppy specific Lick N Mix treats for a specially discounted price.

Treats included; Poultry Poppers, Puppy Love Hearts, Cookie Crunch, Training Tasties and Fishy Favourites.

Also included in this deluxe bundle is a medium sized Animology "Crash Pad" to ensure your puppy is comfortable and cosy in their new home, along with 250ml of Animology Puppy Love Shampoo so your new puppy is also pampered to perfection at bath time! Puppy Love is a gentle puppy shampoo suitable for all dogs from just six weeks old.

Animology Crash Pads are hair, water and odour resistant heavy duty dog beds, with wipe clean removable covers. A bean bag filling offers superior comfort and lost lasting support. Medium Crash Pad Dimensions - 55 x 75 x 15 cm.

Spoil your new puppy today for just £79.99!

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