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Fuelling Your Working Gundog ๐Ÿพ

With the shooting season just 3 and a half weeks away for some, the Glorious twelfth marks a busy few months for many of your dogs working season, which is why it is important to feed them a diet to help optimum performance in your working dog without them losing condition.

It is easy to see that after your dog has had a busy week at work, or even just a few days back to back they seem to lack in energy they had at the beginning of the week, or start to drop condition, especially as we head into winter and the weather becomes colder.

You can keep track of your dogs body condition just by looking and feeling how their physical condition is, however it is a great idea to get the scales out and keep track of their weight throughout the months and weigh once weekly if they are working 5-7 times per week or every two weeks if they are working 1-4 times per week. If you feel your dog is losing weight and condition we would recommend making minor nutritional alterations by increasing their feed intake by 10% each meal to keep them at the ideal weight and condition.

Top Tips

  • Ensure your morning feed before a shoot day is at least an hour (minimum) before any exercise - this helps the absorption of nutrients in their food and digestion. Especially in deep chested dogs that are prone to bloat/gastric torsion, you should also keep your eye on the amount these dogs will be having so it is not more than they can handle without becoming ill.

  • If your dogs have two meals per day, their second meal should be once they have completely settled and it is at least 1 hour (minimum) after any exercise.

  • Snacks - these are a useful way of giving your dog a small boost of energy which can be invaluable, usually around lunch time whilst they are resting they can have a small handful of their kibble or a dog-friendly snack of your choice such as a bite size piece of plain flapjack (without nuts, raisins or chocolate) for quick energy release.

It is important for you to choose the correct food from our Working Range suited best to your dog and their requirements such as any allergies, energy requirement and keeping their skin and coat healthy.

Take a look at our recommended range for each level of activity ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

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