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Dog Body Condition 🐶

Vets estimate that almost 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight! It is important to know your dog's ideal shape/weight and how to change it if and when needed. Obesity puts your dogs at high risk of contracting health problems and is likely to reduce how long they may live. You should always contact your vet if you are unsure about their weight, they will be happy to help!

How Can You Check If Your Dog Is Overweight?

  1. Look at your dog from the side and from above. They should have a smooth, tucked-in waist.

  2. Feel under your dog’s tummy. It should go in, not bulge out.

  3. Feel along your dog’s side and back. You should be able to feel your dog’s ribs, spine and hipbones quite easily but they shouldn’t stick out.

  4. Feel the base of your dog’s tail. There shouldn’t be any build-up of fat where the tail meets your dog’s back.


For a dog that is above the ideal weight you may need to decrease the intake of their kibble by 10%, however we would recommend you contact your vet to discuss in further detail the 'body condition score' of your dog, also they will be able to monitor your dogs weight more precisely and give you advice on how to get your dog back to an ideal, healthy weight. Exercising your dog will also keep them healthy and will contribute to helping them lose weight - if you are wanting to help your dog lose weight then increased exercise than normal should help them shed the pounds off.

WuffitMix Supreme Condition is made with fish & rice this diet has 15% less fat than our standard recipes and contains Omega 3 & 6, Zinc and Biotin for healthy skin and coat; Yucca Schidigera extract to help reduce stool odour; Glucosamine, MSM & Chondroitin to support joint health and mobility. Suitable for those requiring a weight management diet.

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