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Day 2 of the Inter Team Working Test at Chatsworth Country Fair

The 2nd day of the inter club test commenced with all 39 competitors having 2 retrieves, a blind and a mark.

Today all of the action took place in front of the grandstand which was full to capacity. This placed extra pressure on the competitors, some had not competed in an arena with so many members of the public watching their every move and listening to their commands.

The format was the same as the previous day, all 3 team members in line.

The first dog was sent across the river for a marked retrieve, when it had picked and was half way back across the river another dog was sent across the river for the blind. This sequence was maintained until the 3 team members had either succesfully completed their retrieve or attempted a retrieve but were called up by the judges.

Following lunch the judges took the top 6 teams back into the arena in front of the grandstand. Each team knew the scores they had gained over the 2 days and knew what they had to do if they wish to improve their position on the leader board.

In this final run off each competitor would have 1 retrieve. The retrieves being 1 blind with no gun shot and 2 marks with gun shot, 1 thrown to the right and 1 to the left.

The judges asked each team member which retrieve they were going to collect. Picking the wrong dummy would be a 0.

The blind was collected first, when the dog had picked and was half way back across the river the next dog was sent for the mark. Again when this had been picked and was crossing the river the third dog was sent.

The judges had seen enough to ensure a result.

The awards were presented by Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire.

The Winning Team from L-R: Tony O’Hare (WuffitMix), Scott Marland, Gary Collier & Christopher Pilkington

1st - Pennine Training Area of the NGRA.

Gary Collier, Scott Marland and Chris Pilkington

2nd - Three Ridings Labrador Club.

Phillipa Williams, Victoria Stanley and Michael Nelson.

3rd - Dove Valley WGC.

Stephen LeVoi, John Yarwood and Gary McCarthy.

4th - South Eastern Gundog Society.

Wendy Glue, Linda Peake and Penny Heath.

5th - Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club.

John Cardno, Geoff Dobb and Andrew Slingsby.

6th - Kent, Surrey and Sussex Labrador Retriever Club.

Sarah Mikes, Kim Jinks and Hilly Hoar.

Thanks to the gundog test organiser Philip Smithies and his extensive team of assistants.

Special thanks to chief steward Michael O' Hanlon for setting the tests and the Judges Sue Lowe and Will Hales.

Thanks to the event sponsors Wuffitmix.

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