Ask in store for your WuffitMix Loyalty Card...

Next time you're shopping in store at WuffitMix HQ, make sure that you ask for a loyalty card and you can begin earning rewards every time you shop! We have so many amazing, long-standing customers who visit us with their dogs, we felt it was about time we showed them just how appreciated they are!

Whether you are buying dog food, treats, toys, healthcare products, training equipment or accessories, customers with a loyalty card will get a WuffitMix stamp for each purchase.

Customers will receive a free gift on their 4th visit, and on their 8th visit they will get 10% off EVERYTHING and a free gift.

How to find us...

WuffitMix HQ is located at Dugdale Nutrition in Clitheroe. We are situated directly across from Clitheroe Auction Market, just off the A59.


Dugdale Nutrition

Bellman Mill, Salthill,

Clitheroe, Lancashire,


For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01200 420222 or by emailing

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