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2nd Place for Sam Thatcher & OFTW Windwithe Solitaire of Strigidae

We would like to wish WuffitMix Brand Ambassador, Sam Thatcher, our warmest congratulations for taking 2nd place (after a 2 dog run off) at the Chiltern Gundog Society Open Cocker Stake with OFTW Windwithe Solitaire of Strigidae (Eddy). The trial was held at Priestly Shoot, Bedfordshire on Tuesday November 13th.

Full Trial Results:

1st) Killiyn Lace (Ftch Orgest Yfwr X Timsgarry Kilbye Of Creccamarsh) - S Blackman Makes bitch up to Ftch

2nd) Windwithe Solitaire of Strigidae - S Thatcher

3rd) Country ways Alice of Craiwarn - N Cannon

4th) Braebeate Amok - E Kennard

COM’s : Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook - J Ward Howesyke Paisley - J Luxford

Guns choice: Howesyke Paisley - J Luxford

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