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1st Place for Tony O’Hare & 2 year old Burrendale Bruno…

We are delighted to report that brand ambassador, Tony O’Hare of Burrendale Gundogs, won the Cambridgeshire Field Trial Society 2-day open stake with Burrendale Bruno yesterday.

The trial was held at the Ampton Estate, Great Livermere, Suffolk by kind invitation of Peter Rushbrook Esq. The field trial secretary Sue Stonebridge said in her report that the standard was immense and never before had she had 14 dogs called back for the 2nd day.

1st place - Tony O’Hare with OFTW Burrendale Bruno and recipient of The Neilson Challenge Cup, The Chippenham Cup for the Best Dog handled by the owner and the JW Farrow Cup for Guns’ Choice

2. Brindlebay Gertie Too Of Birdsgreen - Handler: Sara Gadd

3. Drakeshead Casey - Handler: Simon Capstick

4. Buccleuch Bridgeknowes Of Chatsworth - Handler: John Halsted

Com - FtCh. Mistigris Finn Of Featherfly - Handler: Phil Highfield

Com - Riverhunter’s Blazing Boy - Handler: Tom sage

Com - Leacaz Octavia - Handler: Russell Hodgen

Com - Geordieland Wolfie - Handler: John Keegan

At just 2 years old, Bruno is the 2nd dog that Tony has now qualified for the 2021 IGL Retriever Championship, having won with FTCH Burrendale Ace at the end of October. Tony is proud to have bred both of these dogs himself, along with Burrendale Rambler, who he took 2nd place with in early October.

Tony feeds his dogs on the WuffitMix Active Plus range.

It’s certainly been a great season for Tony and we wish him every success at the championship. Good luck!

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