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1st Place for Mark Demaine & Quinn...

We are pleased to report that WuffitMix Brand Ambassador, Mark Demaine and his Labrador Retriever Dog 'Breckmarsh Ethan of Caytonfell' took 1st Place in the Gamekeepers National Association 2 day Open stake, held at Emblehope and Burngrange Estate by kind permission of The Kennel Club & Raymond Holt, on 18th & 19th October 2021.

'A great first day (Monday 18th) showed plenty game for the guns to shoot for the dogs, some good dog work with a few memorable retrieves, we had a fairly long day and finished at 17:30 having started slightly later than planned. 11 dogs were carried through to the next day. The second day stretched the dogs out a bit bringing an eventual winner in Mark Demaine's Breckmarsh Ethan of Caytonfell. Huge thanks to everyone who made the two days happen.'

The judges over the days were; Les Maclean, Colin Pelham, Liz Taylor and John Castle. The results were as follows:

1st - Breckmarsh Ethan of Caytonfell - Mark Demaine

2nd - Buccleuch Bridgeknowes of Chatsworth - Owned by The Duchess of Devonshire, handled by John Halstead

3rd - Crooklets Ferris of Lunefirefly - Kirsty Howson

WuffitMix would like to take this moment to congratulate Mark on his achievements and we look forward to following further success over the coming months!

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