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Declan Boyle is an a A panel judge in the Irish Kennel club and the Hon. Field Trial Secretary of The Labrador Retriever Club of Ireland. He has been trialling Labradors for the last 10 years, making up 3 Field Trial Champions (FTCH GLENLOCH RUFF, FTCH LEADBURN JAMIE & INTERNATIONAL FTCH MILLER MCDUFF).

Declan is currently running FTCH MILLER MC DUFF (Paddy) and they had an amazing 2016/17 season. Declan has gained many awards with several dogs in trials and working tests over the years. He has qualified and run on the Irish International Gundog Team at the CLA for the 4 years and also ran on the new Game Fair team last year. Declan is proud to have run on around 10 different Irish International Teams and has been the Captain of the Irish Retriever Team.

Declan enjoys a lot of Snipe and Woodcock shooting and during the shooting season he pick's up at least 2 days a week with all his dogs. He has competed in England, Scotland and Wales and has judged trials and working tests in France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and the U.S.A . He also judged the German Cup in 2012, Panniona Cup in 2013 and European ICC in 2012.

Most recently, Declan won the 2017 Irish Retriever Championship with Int. FTCH Miller McDuff.

Declan also sells WuffitMix in Ireland. For further information or to place an order, please contact him directly on 07590 611947.


Visit Declan's website here.

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